The reasons why people start home gardens is very varied. Some do it as a hobby, others as a means of supplementary income and others to probably beautify the home. But over and above all these, there are some strong reasons to start a home garden which might not be one of the most widely understood one.

Fresh produce:

If there were a single point to start a home garden, then it has to be with the fact that it would be possible to gather in the freshest of farm produce each instance.  No matter the quality of produce at the local store or super market, it really does not compete with what can be grown naturally on a home farm.

There are indeed health benefits to those products grown on a farm patch back at the home, it is fresher and with little of artificial treatments most of the time. Despite the awareness that people have about the need to eat and drink as natural as possible, there really has not been much of a progress towards establishing a natural farm produce production at any time.

A group activity for the family

Farming is a group activity most of the time. A home farm can be one of the most binding of activities that could be taken up at any time. It involves the whole family and few people would want to miss out on the bonds that common work together can force on families.

So a home garden not just provides fresh produce but does provide an opportunity to interact with each other while at the activity.

Community living

In our current times of breaking community ties, a home garden would be the ideal place to start of making close relations with each other. A coordinated collection of home farms would be the most ideal situation for the supply of fresh produce and products.

Increasingly people are realizing the need to partake in more group activities as it would strength the bonds of togetherness. 

Reduce stress

Any kind of physical activity is a stress buster and it does help to have a home garden to tend to at the end of the day and after a day’s work. The activity is not strenuous enough still it leaves the person charged up for the next day as well. There would be few purposes served if the very act of taking to farming is going to exhaust out the person.

Often people that tend to be active in their older ages tend to be much happier ones too.  It is as though the physical nature of the activity increases their well being beyond the imagination can behold.


As has been demonstrated in the above, it is possible to have a home garden to try and prep up the lifestyles of the people. A few simple active moments is only going to improve the physical well being and good health that people are endowed with most of the time.

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